Hand Made Dream Catcher $12:00 posted in Canada or $10:00 pick up… OR make us on offer… :)



Lovely hand made dream catcher… leather surround, beads in the center… 

$10:00 pick up or $12:00 with postage in Canada

We are open to negotiation on all of our product for sale… Please Email us with your offer on the above item… 🙂 

Email us : SGC2madeincanadausa@hotmail.com 


Body Jewelry Blue Stone with “tassels”

Cute body Jewelry.. has a little blue stone in the middle, with “tassels” … some slight discoloration which should easily come off with silver polish/cleaner.

**Product is from previous SGC stock and is not made in North America**

$4:00 on pick up: Email us for arrangements and details. SGC2madeincanadausa@hotmail.com
$5:00 includes postage within Canada.
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Body Jewelry: Computer chip


Are you a computer wiz or know someone who is … Check out this great gift idea 🙂 (Photo looks large on close up, size is that of a regular piece of body jewelry, such as a belly button piece).

$4:00 upon pick up: Email us for arrangements. 
$5:00 if mailed within Canada. 

**This product is from our previous SGC stock and is not made in North America**

Purchase via pay pal: $5:00 postage included

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Goddess Isis patch $8:00

Absolutely lovely Patch of the Goddess Isis
In the typical form of her myth, Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky, and she was born on the fourth intercalary day. She married her brother, Osiris, and she conceived Horus with him. Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Set.” Wikipedia


Priced at $8:00 includes shipping within Canada:  Preview Image
Priced at $6:00 for pick up: Please Email us for details at: SGC2madeincanadausa@hotmail.com

Beautiful Black Onyx Pendant ready for chain or ribbon…

Black Onxy gem on chain piece

Beautiful Black Onyx Pendant  … all ready to add to a chain or silk ribbon … 🙂 

This item may be shipped anywhere within Canada… price includes shipping… Please email us @ astrostar61@hotmail.com for shipping to the US or Internationally… $12:00

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This item may be picked up at the Whitby Mall or the Oshawa Centre, Please email us @ astrostar61@hotmail.com for details… Pick up price reflects the deduction of the shipping.. $8:00

SGC2 Admin: **We are open to reasonable offers on this item, Please email us** @ SGC2madeincanadausa@hotmail.com


Glass Tea lite holder:

pink gls tealite hldr

Lovely Heavy Glass Tea Lite Holder… can also be used as a paper weight.. Nice pink swirl design throughout.

  • $3:00 if picked up:
  • $10:00 if mailed within Canada: International and US shipping extra. 😦

We accept the following payment methods… 🙂

  • Pay Pal: Here you can pay us via credit card 🙂

Preview Image Pick Up Option $3:00

Preview Image With Shipping Option $10:00

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  • We are located in Whitby close to the Whitby Mall and the Oshawa Center.

Boudicca “greeting card” with envelope… $3:00

Boudicca Blank Inside Card with Envelope: 


Preview Image

Boudicca cardA really lovely card of Boudicca…it’s a beautiful piece of art work which could be popped in a frame… and it’s a greeting card … blank inside for your own personal message… comes with envelope. 

Postage paid within Canada only: USA & International extra

Got a question about this item? Please email us for details @ astrostar61@hotmail.com or SGC2madeincanadausa@hotmail.com                                                                                                                                             

  • Boudicca was the Celtic Queen of the Iceni tribe of modern-day East Anglia,Britain, who led a revolt against Rome in 60/61 CE.
  • The Iceni King, Prasutagus, an independent ally of Rome, divided his estate between his daughters and King Neroof Rome.
  • When Prasutagus died, however, his lands were taken by Rome and the Iceni lost their status as allies. When his wife,
  • Boudicca, objected to this action she was flogged and her two daughters raped. She mounted a revolt against Rome which
  • left the ancient Roman cities of Camulodunum, Londinium and Verulamium in ruins and over 80,000 Roman citizens of
  • Britain dead. She was defeated at the Battle of Watling Street by the Roman Governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus chiefly by
  • his judicious choice of battlefield and allowing her army to cut off its own escape route by encircling their rear with their
  • wagons, animals and families. Boudicca is said to have committed suicide by poisoning herself after her defeat.
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