Happy New Year Folks…

Yep we are full swing into another year, and what a sad beginning it has been so far… We have lost talent in the Music and Acting world … lets hope that the journey these “lost folk” are now on, is one that is always filled with light and love… 🙂 

With a new year upon us and loss around us, it is a reminder for us to treasure the gifts we have been given… and to share them with others… So if you knit, sew, bake, paint, sing, whatever it may be that brings you delight… get to it with renewed vigor … 🙂 

And if you would like to share your hand made products by selling them to those who will enjoy them… but you don’t have a place to showcase them, please keep SGC2 in mind… we are happy to help you share them on here… 

turtle doll made of cloth  Stock Photo - 12891858

Copyright : Akhararat Wathanasing

How it works… 🙂

SGC2 offers you two payment plans: 

  1. on a (small) commission per your item sold basis
  2. a once only payment: (offered in varies timeline formats)

SGC2 will showcase your items with photo’s, short description of product and price provided by you

SGC2 will offer to collect payment for you via their paypal account

You may choose to receive payment directly from your customer

All delivers of your products are made by you directly to your customer. 

Come join our team and help promote hand made and made in Canada goods… 🙂 

got a questions? 🙂

Send us an email to:


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