Novels by Maighread Mackay

Check out these fabulous novels by local author Maighread Mackay…


Listed below are two of the four in the series.

Please visit Maighread’s website to view the other books in the series, to place your order, or to contact Maighread with your questions.

The Secret of Stone Cottage

Book Onejpg cover 2022 front.jpgA woman has her life shattered after a personal tragedy. Searching for a safe haven to heal, she stumbles across Stone Cottage. In it she has found the perfect refuge, except for the weeping ghost in the living room. Who is she? Why is she still here? Along with her best friend, the woman researches the history of the family who built and lived in the house and discovers old secrets buried in the past. Will her new oasis be a dream come true or her worst nightmare

Murder at Mother’s

Book Twobook cover 2022 get covers.jpgA wealthy ranch owner, Martha Bancroft, is murdered. A spirit guide, Gladys, comes from the other side to take her home. Furious at her death, Martha refuses to go on and decides to stay behind to find out ‘who dunnit’. Gladys decides to stay with her. Will the two ghosts be able to solve the case before the killer strikes again?


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